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By Venkatesh / 24th Oct 2018

It all started on May 26th May 2014 when Narendera Modi invited all the Leaders of SAARC Nations for swearing in ceremony of Prime Minister Modi.The leaders of South Asian nations were welcomed as Guest to his oath-taking ceremony and this proved to be a foreign policy "masterstroke". Because it was also called strategically-astute move by inviting Pakistani Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif to yield major diplomatic dividends", adding that the "surprise move… is seen as a masterstroke by Mr. Modi to reach out to the immediate neighborhoods". Some experts say Mr. Modi is trying to dispel the notion that he has a "hawkish approach" towards foreign policy.

Mr. Modi's willingness to engage Pakistan early in his tenure surprised many, given the hard line he adopted during his election campaign," and from this move he started reaching other Developed and Developing nations to tell the world one word Vasudeva Kutumbkum which means World is one family. With this approach he started touring various countries like USA,FRANCE RUSSIA,UK,SAUDI ARABIA, AFGHANISTAN,IRAN,KAZIKISTAN,TURKEY,SOUTH AFRICA.AUSTRALIA, CANADA,IRELANDSRILANKA,BHUTAN,CHINA,JAPAN, and many other countries. Our past Govts were useless in developing foreign relation with the world and we were always in psychology threat from the developed nations if any imbalances occurred in our country or if we spoke democratically in international matters.

The foreign policy of Mr. Modi fetched some lakhs of Cores of investments in India as all the above nations invested in Indian for their respective business. The growth rate of our economy splurged in fast manner as we become world’s sixth largest economy in the world within 3 years of Modi Govt. Modi’s Team Played a key role in developing business and official relation with world leaders and soon INDIA became the most favored and ease of doing business nation. Modi plays a vital role at the UN General Assembly Meetings and urges the world for Elimination of Terrorism and wants peace in entire world. Modis foreign policy has become the key point in international arena as most of the world leaders follow on modis footsteps as they know that INDIA is a World Leader which is also called Vishwa Guru. Modis Govt played key roles in developing relations with member countries of the United Nations and also invited most of the world leaders like Barak Obama, for Republic Day Function which was again a masterstroke. Overall we can say that Now INDIA is World Leader after Modi’s Masterstroke of INDIA’S Foreign Policy.

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VenkateshOct 25th, 2018
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We got a Wonderfull Prime Minsiter in the History of INDIA and what Modi Goverment Achieved in the last 48 months is something remarkable for the development of this Great Nation Called INDIA.

Sandhya October 25th 2018
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Fools dont understand what modi did in 48 months only educated people knows how modi changed shape of INDIA and also appluaded by the International Community.

Chang LingmaMay 12, 2018
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Great Acheivement and modi will elected as the next term as prime minister in the year 2019. Mera Desh Badal Raha Hai Aage Bud Raha Hai. Corruption Free Goverment with no Scams. Transparenet Goverment!

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